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AdornAddict as you can easily  guess was born from an addiction to adorns and accessories, especially jewelry.  We know the power of a beautiful necklace or a fashion watch and the difference it can make  in a simple outfit. We know what every woman wants and desires! Women want fashion, elegance, and luxury but in an affordable way. And that is exactly our brand means.

Our mission is to prove that elegance doesn’t need to be expensive. Accessorizing is a brilliant way of exhibiting our style and preferences and taking it to the next level. 

They help us to express everyday moods and emotions. You’re happy, you’ll throw on something bright and vibrant. When you’re down, you’ll automatically pick something austere and minimalist.

Our mission is to help you express yourself, and  deliver exquisite and fashion jewellery pieces with the most remarkable finish.

We love surpass our customer’s expectations, giving them memorable experiences with pieces that have the best of both worlds: elegance and affordable price.

We believe that we adapt with the latest trends in the luxury world and curate the most memorable pieces which shall give you a look of a much higher perceived value.

You don’t have to choose between the trendiest piece or the lowest price. You can have both with AdornAddict, because we are always looking for the trendiest items for everyone , all in one place at everyday low prices.

Hand-finished designs on premium materials is what you get with us, and we are pretty sure they will be your new basics.

We promise to deliver exquisite jewellery pieces with the most remarkable finish. We are very picky about our suppliers.

This is a strictly online store where you can buy both domestic  products produced in United States and also pieces  from our suppliers distributed in Asia and Europe.

The new affordable luxury is here, and you can access it from the comfort of your home or whatever you are. 

If you would like to know more about us, don’t hesitate and contact us with the form below or to the email [email protected]

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